Colon Cleanse



Detoxify your system with these vegicaps – they stimulate the colon to rejuvenate your entire system and deliver a sense of lightness and wellbeing.

Together, the ingredients promote total body and mind health. Psyllium husk and bran fibre encourage regular elimination; Flaxseed helps to relieve constipation; Slippery Elm and Aloe are known to heal the mucus lining, soothe inflammation and restore comfort; Carrot purifies, cleanses and detoxifies; while Barley Grass has an alkalising effect on the digestive system. The vegicaps also contain a powerful digestive enzyme complex that helps to enhance all stages of the digestive process – assimilation, nutrient absorption and elimination – as well as Probiotics to promote healthy gut flora.

Size: 60

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250g, 450g

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