I am Calm AromaRemedy



Relax your body and mind and promote a more peaceful night’s sleep with this blend of five grounding and balancing essential oils.

Key Benefits

Vetiver, known in India as the oil of tranquillity, has a calming and soothing effect on the nervous system and helps to ease insomnia.

Mandarin, called the happy oil, settles the emotions and encourages positivity and relaxation.

Lavender – an ancient aid for insomnia and tension – is deeply calming and helps to improve sleep quality.

Rose Geranium is balancing and uplifting and works to calm and clear nervous tension.

Lemon clears the mind and reduces mental fatigue.

How To Use

Just before going to bed, or in times or anxiety and stress, apply the roller ball to your wrists, solar plexus and up from your shoulders to behind your ears. Then, take five long, slow, deep breaths and allow the healing blend to flood your senses.


Size: 10ml
Price: R169
Wholesale Price: R135.20

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250g, 450g

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