Joint Therapy Massage Concentrate



This healing massage concentrate contains a powerhouse of essential oils that deliver anti-inflammatory and pain-relief benefits directly to the site of pain. Arnica and Ginger ease stiffness and swelling, while Frankincense calms the mind and relieves pain-associated stress to improve your general sense of wellbeing.

Key Benefits

Arnica is one of the most beneficial substances in nature’s pharmacy and has long been used to speed up the healing process. It reduces swelling, eases pain and reduces stiffness.

Ginger acts on the vanilloid receptors located on the sensory nerve endings to reduce pain and ease stiffness.

Frankincense helps to inhibit the production of inflammatory molecules. It also calms the mind and relieves pain-associated stress.

Lavender is deeply soothing to both body and mind. It eases painful swelling and helps to relieve the stress of chronic pain.

Marjoram has excellent warming and soothing properties, which makes it a superb restorative for chronic fatigue and pain.

Rosemary not only has superb analgesic properties but contains rosmarinic acid that helps to inhibit the progression of arthritis.

Chamomile is a superb sedative and anti-inflammatory. It also helps to remove excess uric acid from around the joints.

Clary Sage has anti-spasmodic properties that ease discomfort, plus is a wonderful stress reliever.

Petitgrain relaxes the muscles to reduce the pain of muscle spasms. It also provides relief from anxiety and stress.

Carrot Seed is an excellent body purifier and helps to dispel excessive uric acid and ease the water retention around swollen joints.

How To Use

Apply to painful joints such as the hands, knees, ankles and neck. While it is not necessary to massage in the oil, massage does help to relax and warm affected areas, so assisting in pain relief. Using a warm compress, such as a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel, over the painful area will also facilitate the absorption of the analgesic and anti-inflammatory oils. Or add a few drops of oil to a warm bath.

Size: 50ml

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