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Calm hot flushes and night sweats with this cool, minty 100% natural oil. The holistic body treatment is rich in grounding, earthy essential oils, known for their natural phytoestrogen properties and their ability to cool, calm, re-balance and uplift. It’s designed primarily to help women transition naturally, and happily!

Key Benefits

Clary Sage is the No.1 oil for menopause. It helps to balance hormones, decrease anxiety, improve sleep, reduce hot flushes and fight weight gain.

Sage greatly reduces night sweats and hot flushes. It’s also a general tonic that clarifies the mind.

Peppermint provides cooling relief during hot flushes, plus its stimulating properties restore vitality.

Geranium assists in balancing the hormones and helps to relieve menopausal tension and mood swings.

Cypress reduces hot flushes, calms irritability and relaxes tense muscles. It also decreases fluid retention.

Bergamot acts as a curative oil for uterine and ovarian problems. It also helps to counteract the anxiety that can occur in the transitional years.

Chasteberry balances the endocrine system, helps to ground mood swings and reduces

tenderness in the breast area.

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