Nurturing Hand Sanitiser

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Nurturing Hand Sanitiser

This hand wash has a lovely, minty fresh fragrance thanks to essential oils that are not only naturally antiseptic, but leave hands feeling soft and conditioned too.

It contains Tea-Tree oil, which is a powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal agent, as well as Sage, which is both a natural antiseptic and a natural anti-inflammatory. Invigorating Peppermint cools and refreshes skin, and gives the hand wash a lovely minty scent. Basil has cooling and pain-relieving benefits; Chamomile soothes skin; Geranium keeps skin supple; Rosewood improves texture and tone; while Tangerine decongests, tones and refreshes hands. The mix of natural oils means the hand wash is non-drying and will leave your hands feeling soft and silky after every wash.

Size: 200ml

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