Skin Insurance SPF 50



This high-treatment sunscreen has been specifically formulated to counteract the ageing effects of sun, which lead to wrinkles, pigmentation and loss of firmness. It contains SPF 50 to protect your face and décolletage against UVA and UVB rays, as well as a blend of three African plant oils – Baobab, Marula and Kalahari Melon – that help to rehydrate and repair sun-stressed skin.

Key Benefits

SPF 50 protects skin against sun damage.

Three plant oils (Baobab, Marula and Kalahari Melon) boost the skin’s natural repair and regeneration processes. They add deep-down hydration to skin, plus they help maintain skin’s natural moisture barrier. This not only ensures that skin stays firm and supple but also allows it to better withstand the damaging effects of the sun, wind and pollution.

Collagen is what gives skin its structure and firmness, and the plant oils in Skin Insurance SPF 50 help to boost collagen production so that fine lines and wrinkles are minimised and skin retains its elasticity.

The plant oils penetrate deep into the skin, where their high concentration of omega fatty acids and Vitamin C reduce the appearance of pigmentation, giving you smoother, more even-toned skin.

How To Use

Apply to the face and chest about 15 minutes before going into the sun. Keep the tube in your handbag and reapply often when spending long periods outdoors.

Size: 50ml

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