White Jasmine Facial Essence

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Stimulate, restore and revive slack or stressed skin with this 100% natural elixir of regenerating essential oils.

It bursts with the heady scent of Jasmine, a floral essence that works to release our inner beauty while it restores skin elasticity and calms stress-related irritations. It’s blended with seven other carefully selected essential oils that together address every skin condition. Bergamot restores balance, Rosewood lifts and firms, Black Pepper stimulates circulation, Star Anise decongests, Sandalwood soothes, Cedarwood rejuvenates, and Vetiver treats dryness. It can be used everyday, or as a special vitality booster for skin that has lost tonicity and vibrancy due to illness, high levels of stress, or hormonal or seasonal changes.

Size: 30ml

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